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Innovative & Efficient Technology

A crucial aspect of our comprehensive eye care services is our commitment to advanced technology and implementation throughout our eye exams, screenings, and contact lens fittings. From getting the right fit for your contact lenses to screening your eyes for signs of eye disease, our technology helps us meet your needs.

When you visit us for an appointment, you can rest easy knowing we go that extra mile for your eye health and vision. Contact us to schedule your appointment today and get the peace of mind that can come with a comprehensive eye exam.

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Combining Technology & Eye Care

At Tree City Eyecare, technology and eye care go hand in hand. Capturing the finer details of your eyes and helping you understand your vision is what our team is passionate about, and we want to help you enjoy healthy long-term vision.

We use technology for diagnosing eye diseases, fitting contact lenses, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment and see our technology in action.

Our Technology

Our clinic strives to use innovative eye care technology that helps us provide our patients with an informative, comprehensive experience every time they visit us.

Eaglet-Eye Scleral Profilometer

The Eaglet-Eye Scleral Profilometer brings a new level of measuring accuracy across the cornea, the limbus, and large areas of the sclera (the white part of your eyes).

This technology allows our team to fit custom contact lenses, such as scleral lenses, with precision. The Eye Surface Profiler can also help us reduce the time you spend getting fitted for custom lenses.

The Medmont corneal topographer helps our team get all the right measurements when it comes to fitting specialty contact lenses. This corneal topographer features a small-cone placido disc design that allows for precise data capture across your cornea.

The Medmont corneal topographer is appropriate for all ages and enables us to perform a full evaluation of your eyes.

The ZEISS CLARUS digital retinal scan allows us to take the next step in capturing the details of your eyes in true color and high resolution across an ultra-widefield image.

The ZEISS CLARUS device captures clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery. We use this detailed digital retinal scan to check for early signs of eye disease and prepare personalized treatment plans based on your results.

ZEISS CIRRUS optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging system that offers high-speed image capture with high-definition imaging detail and a wider field of view to capture the fine details of your eyes.

We use CIRRUS to check for early signs of glaucoma and other forms of retinal disease and take your treatment plan to the next level.

The Octopus 900 is an innovative device used for central field testing and allows our team to get a detailed evaluation of your eyes. The Octopus 900 perimeter device is excellent for getting a clear view of glaucoma development and can help determine changes in your eye health and vision.

The Octopus 900 provides a simplified and consistent method for us to examine your eyes and develop personalized treatment plans based on your needs.

Helping You Achieve Your Vision Goals

Our interest and expertise in eye care technology represent our commitment to helping our patients achieve their vision goals. We seamlessly implement technology into our eye care services with patient experiences in mind. 

We want your experience to be educational and productive every time you visit us—contact us to schedule your next appointment.

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We are located on Raymond St, just South of Emerald between St. Al’s and the Mall with plenty of parking around the building.

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  • 700 N. Raymond St.
  • Boise, ID 83704

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Our Brands

We carry all major brands of contact lenses, including B&L, Alcon, CooperVision, and Johnson&Johnson. No matter what your preference is for your contact lenses, we have you covered. Along with comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings, we can find the right specialty contacts for your unique visual needs.

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