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Navigating Dry Eyes at Tree City

Dry eye is a common vision condition that can cause irritation, watery eyes, and even blurry vision. Dry eye can also make it more challenging to wear traditional contact lenses, and we want to help provide a solution.

We offer scleral contact lenses to help patients with dry eye enjoy the benefits of contact lenses without the irritation of traditional contacts.

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Understanding Dry Eye

Dry eye can occur when something changes with your tear production process or the glands that produce these elements become inflamed. Your tears are comprised of 3 layers:

  • The oily outer layer
  • The watery middle layer
  • The inner mucus layer

Inflammation of the glands can also cause meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD can reduce oil production, causing the water layer to evaporate and accelerating dryness.

How Contact Lenses Can Help

Scleral lenses can be an excellent option if traditional contact lenses are incompatible with your eyes due to issues like dry eye. These lenses are designed to leave space over your cornea’s surface for extra breathability and also feature a fluid reservoir between your lens and cornea to provide relief for dry eyes.

Additionally, treating the underlying dry eye can also improve contact lens comfort in general.

Take Your Comfort Back

Many patients who have difficulty with dryness in contact lenses can have great success with a custom lens option. We aim to make contact lenses accessible to everyone, and we can help you find an option that can work for you. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment and find the right contact lenses for your dry eye needs.

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We are located on Raymond St, just South of Emerald between St. Al’s and the Mall with plenty of parking around the building.

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  • 700 N. Raymond St.
  • Boise, ID 83704

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Our Brands

We carry all major brands of contact lenses, including B&L, Alcon, CooperVision, and Johnson&Johnson. No matter what your preference is for your contact lenses, we have you covered. Along with comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings, we can find the right specialty contacts for your unique visual needs.

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