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How to Control Myopia & Slow Its Progression

A young boy holding correcting glasses formyopia control

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, affects millions of people worldwide. For someone with myopia, distance objects are blurry. Close-up objects may appear clear, but look any further away than arm’s length (or sometimes closer), and things are out of focus. Not only can this create a challenging learning environment for children, myopia also increases the […]

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Can I Wear Expired Contact Lenses?

A close-up of a woman inserting a contact lens

Wearing expired contact lenses might seem like a harmless act, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t frequently use them. But contact lenses have an expiration date for a reason. You shouldn’t wear contact lenses past the expiration date because the blister pack’s seal can break down, contaminating the solution inside with bacteria and opening your […]

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